Inadmin offers an advanced open administration platform.

Open administration platform

    Inadmin’s open administration platform offers:

    • Contracts and pension rights administration: this is the heart of the administration. This is where all the participant’s data are recorded: his/her employer, the pension institution of the pension contract, his/her individual and family details.
    • Unit administration: this is a part of the investment administration where a unique investment account is held per participant, which shows the individual lifecycle investments, for instance.
    • Insurance administration: here the rights for biometric risks such as widow’s and orphan’s pension, incapacity for work and ANW gap are administered and the premiums are calculated.
    • Financial administration: this is responsible for the correct collections, reminders, payments and the ledger.

Pension institutions

    Inadmin gives access to its tried and tested administration system. This open administration platform offers the following advantages:

    • calculation functionalities and backlog management are optimally integrated;
    • fully focused on the calculation and administration of pension schemes;
    • the real-time update of changes is precise, accurate and transparent;
    • currency can be selected for the calculation of foreign pensions;
    • various schemes run on the same platform;
    • administration, communication and reporting under own identity;
    • use of different insurance products and investment constructions;
    • continuity and manageable costs guaranteed by scale.

Asset managers

    Pension capital accrual and pension investments are inextricably connected with each other. But the dynamics of the markets are sometimes directly opposed to the objectives. Inadmin helps you satisfy your duty of care towards participants with administrative, strategic and actuarial specialists. In order to design lifecycle and iCPPI products, guarantee schemes or managed defined contribution solutions, for example. Because orders are sent to the market combined wherever possible, the transaction costs are kept to a minimum. Inadmin enables you to chart out a good course while you keep firm control of the wheel.


    A supplementary life insurance policy is an increasingly common part of pension schemes. New administrative regulations and standards apply in this area as well. You decide whether you use Inadmin across the board or only for certain sub-areas. The basis for this is the Inadmin open pension platform. This administration system supports both the defined contribution schemes of PPIs and insured pension schemes. The administration of the insurance products takes place in most cases according to the flexible ‘Universal Life’ principle. In this, the premium depends on the value of the investments in the policy. In any event the selection of insurers and valuation principles is always up to you. Inadmin also offers knowledge and expertise for the development and distribution of new insurance products.